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"Who Else Wants to Learn Wing Chun From the Comfort of Their Own Home?"

Now you can train in Wing Chun Online from the
comfort of your own home with these
Downloadable Wing Chun Videos from
Sifu Chuck O'Neill.

At the request of his students, Sifu Chuck
produced a series of Instructional Wing Chun 
Training videos based around the curriculum
that he teaches at his school (kwoon).

Now you can learn the same Wing Chun
techniques that he shares with his students.

All videos are downloadable in an MP4 format, can be played on your computer using any MP4 compatible player like Apple QuickTime (which you can download for free here) or Realplayer.  You can also play them on your iPod, iTouch or iPad.

Videos Available for Download:

Sil Lim Tao Form - The foundation for the Wing Chun system, this video teaches you step-by-step how to master this form.

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Sil Lim Tao Drills -  Learn the partner drills used as part of the Sil Lim Tao training curriculum. You will learn over 12 different drills including: - Pak Sau Cycle - Lap Sau/Bong Sau Cycle - Crossing Hands/Trapping Hands - Reaction Pad Drills - and much more!

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Chi Sau 1- Foundations - In this Wing Chun training video you'll be introduced to the foundations of Chi Sau (or "Sticky Hands") - the partner drill of sensitivity. In this video you will learn:- Don Chi Sau - Lok Sau (Rolling Hands) - Tsui Ma (Pushing Horse) - Jip Sau/Jao Sau - and More!

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Chi Sau 2 - Advanced Techniques - In this Wing Chun video you'll build on what you've learned in Chi Sau 1. You'll learn 8 traditional Chi Sau (or "Sticky Hands") techniques.

This is a great video for both beginners and advanced Chi Sau students.

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Chum Kiu Form - In this second form training video,you'll learn the Second Form of the Wing Chun System - Chum Kiu (or "Searching Bridge")

This brings the knowledge you have learned
in the Sil Lim Tao Form and introduces you to Kicking, Footwork, and Power generation

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Chum Kiu Drills - In this video,you'll learn to apply the concepts you learned in the Chum Kiu Form

This 2 video set is packed with over 2 hours and 15 minutes of instructional training. It will help you learn counters to incoming attacks, sharpen your hand coordination for laser focused power generation and more!

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New Release!

Biu Jee Form - In this video, you'll learn the third Form of the Wing Chun System - Biu Ji (or "Thrusting Finger").

From this form you'll learn how to recover Center Line and recover Facing (how to get yourself back into a better fighting position when things don't go according to plan). The form also helps you develop short range power through the use of elbow strikes

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(Click Here for more on Sifu Chuck's background and training history).

Sifu Chuck has been training in Martial Arts since the age of 8. He has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Kosho Ryu Kenpo, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chun. He has been teaching and training his own students in the art of Wing Chun for over 5 years.

Here's what a few of his students say about him:
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Learn Wing Chun Online
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Start Learning Wing Chun Today!

There's never been a better time to learn Wing Chun Online. All videos are downloadable to your computer within minutes. They can also be played on any mp4 player like an iTouch, iPhone and iPad, so you can take them with you wherever you go!

Videos are filmed from 2 different camera angles with lots of instruction, tips and repetition to make it easy to learn.

For more information on each video visit the following pages:

"As a new student of Wing Chun I am finding the Sil Lim Tao video an invaluable asset to my training. The form is explained in detail and demonstrated from different angles so I can see the full range of motion for each move.

It's like having a private lesson with my Sifu!" - Jim P.

"Regardless of what system one wants to study, it is only as good as it's instructor. It is very hard to find a good teacher, one who teaches for the love of the art and is willing to not hold you back.

Sifu Chuck O'Neill is such an instructor, he is one who gives whole heartily his knowledge, experience and expertise. He has developed a teaching style that allows the practitioner to advance ones skill sets quickly if one desires.

I am amazed in what Sifu Chuck's teaching style has done for my practice. He has awakened my perception even in the other arts that I have studied in the past. This system and how Sifu teaches continues to amaze me... Thank you!" -Rick B.
"[The Sil Lim Tao Form Video] is  great, it helped me to notice my mistakes and improve my form, especially with my foot work. 

So easy to follow at a great pace, love the close up view and different angles! I've purchased the whole series for my brother who's been practicing Wing Chung in the UK for four years and he's impressed." - Ferah C.

"Sifu Chuck O'Neill is one of the most talented martial arts instructors I've met. He knows his stuff and will help you progress quickly to your goals." - Guro Ash Tamachi, Tamachi Style Arnis Maro Mari
"After about 7 years of Martial arts training I have had a few teachers. I must say that Sifu Chuck is the best I have come in contact with. He doesn't hold anything back when it comes to knowledge of the martial arts he teaches, and he definitely knows his stuff.

The small things that most instructors leave out are the things that amaze me the most. From where you lay your focus for stability, to how you deliver power when punching.

The way he is able to explain things is second to none..." - Joe Landry
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"Sifu Chuck is my student, and I would encourage anyone to learn from his video series" - Sifu Nelson Chan
Why Learn From Sifu Chuck O'Neill?

Sifu Chuck O'Neill is the founder and head instructor of Revolution Wing Chun. He is a third generation of the Great Grandmaster Yip Man (Ip Man). His lineage is: Yip Man >> Moy Yat >> Nelson Chan >> Chuck O'Neill.

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Learn Wing Chun - Chi Sau 2
What Is Wing Chun - An Interview with Sifu Chuck: